Ink Blue Scrip Cotton Saree

Scribbles of white on blue always makes you feel like the clouds playing with the sky. Makes you want to fly … Peacefully… This Prussian blue soft khesh saree, straight from the weavers of Bolpur does just that with its hand embroidered whites. The traditional weave together with hand embroidered Bangla alphabets brings a modern touch rooted in our ethnic culture.
A completely adaptive ready to wear saree which is gentle on your shoulders, fingers, back and knees. No need to limit your saree wardrobe because of frozen shoulders, or arthritic fingers or back ache that doesn’t let you stand for the whole draping process, or weak and shaky fingers.
In fact, with caregiver assistance you can also wear the saree Lying Down! Wear it in less than 30 seconds.


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Product Type Independent Wear/Assisted Wear
Functionality Independent/adaptive wear can be worn either standing, sitting. Can also be worn lying down with assistance. Does not need pleating and does not need finger or shoulder movement. Can be worn quickly in less than 30 seconds.
Problems Addressed Chronic fatigue, shoulder immobility, inability to stand and dress up. Low finger movement, poor grip and motor skills.
Dressing Position Sitting, standing, lying down with assistance
Fabric Bolpur Khesh Cotton with hand embroidery
Size XXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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