Kesariya Dress with Kantha Front Jacket

A long evening dress that looks graceful and incredibly pleasing to the aesthetic senses. The rust and beige combination will make you the centre of attraction. The traditional Kantha work on the front show jacket is hand embroidered and makes it more resplendent.
It is an independent wear for people who have no shoulder mobility and ideal for people with low finger dexterity with its magnetic buttons, The cuts and design are wheelchair friendly.
A one of a kind ‘Award winning’ creation, this outfit was a finalist at the AD-Dress Now, 2019 adaptive clothing competition organised by Ekansh Trust.




Product Type Independent Wear
Functionality Can be worn without much shoulder movement. Magnetic buttons allows dressing up with no finger movement. Wheelchair friendly front pocket. Ideal for people who have a difficult gait.
Problems Addressed Shoulder pain and immobility. Low finger strength and lack of fine motor skills. Wheel chair users.
Dressing Position Standing or sitting
Fabric Cotton