Handloom Cotton Slip on Saree

The magic of sky blue on soft white cotton with Golden temple thread work on the border giving it the elegant feel by the artisans of Bengal. This handloom cotton sari is a specialty of Phuliya region of West Bengal
This is a one piece ensemble that can easily be slipped on a dress but gives the look of a Saree. Typically a saree is a three piece ensemble – a blouse, a petticoat and a saree draped over it. In this easy to wear slip-on Saree, the blouse and the petticoat is stitched together with the saree draped and stitched along with it. The secret cuts and stitches gives the saree a beautiful fall and no one can make out the difference.



Product Type Independent Wear/Assisted Wear
Functionality Easy to wear saree without standing and too much hand and should movements. No need for pleats. Can be worn quickly in less than 30 seconds.
Problems Addressed Chronic fatigue, shoulder immobility, inability to stand and dress up.
Dressing Position Sitting
Fabric Phuliya handloom Cotton
Size S, M, L, XL,XXL

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