Zyenika is India's pioneer inclusive fashion brand. We stitch a little magic to your clothes. They suit your body's needs and challenges and bring out your unique personality!

We make stylish and elegant clothes that are easy, comfortable, and quick to wear! We design and make clothes for all body types and abilities. You could be a gymnast, looking forward to a stylish statement at the dinner party, or someone with invisible chronic pain and looking forward to charm with your presence at the conference – we are honoured to be your wardrobe partners. 
Our garments are thoughtful of people’s physical needs and body types. Those with physical challenges knows how difficult, cumbersome and even painful something as basic and necessary as clothing can be. That’s why we have innovative designs for both independent and assisted wear. 

Zyenika is a women-led organisation. Our mission is to empower people with dignity and the right to choose.

Our customers are happy owners of clothes that  fit them, designed keeping them in mind and often with them.We also strive to be have a more inclusive team and ensure more dignified livelihood opportunities for marginalised sections of the society as our suppliers and workers.

We are nurtured by GIAN (Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network), Ahmedabad at the ideation stage.


Why Zyenika


Zyenika was born out of the daily struggle of a mother and daughter, suddenly dealing with life-changing illness and disabilities. Soumita lost over 80% mobility to psoriatic arthritis. Many everyday functions became difficult. The first place where she needed help was in dressing up. She had to invite someone in what used to be the most private daily routine. Even with help, the process of dressing up was always painful.

Amita, her mother, and primary caregiver dreaded the painful process of dressing up Soumita every day. She was frustrated seeing her daughter shy away from social and professional meetings because she couldn’t get into any of the available clothes. So as Soumita decided to outsmart the crippling pain with trendy beautiful designs that are made easy to wear without adaptations that are not obvious to the eye, Amita got the business running.

As Soumita started drawing on the mobile app with her only functional finger, Amita did all the legwork (literally!) to execute the designs. Zyenika is their home, open to everyone who is looking for choice, independence, and dignity in style!